Our approach to Care

Here at St Michaels we believe in ‘Embracing Life’. This simple phrase is not only the motto that we stand by, but it also defines the approach to Care that we design and deliver to each and every one of our residents. We respect that no two people are alike and believe that while coming into care may be the next step in someone’s journey, they should continue to grow while knowing they are in charge of their own destiny.

There’s no better way to say it - St Michaels is different. From the moment you arrive, you'll immediately notice how well-established our home is. Unlike many new facilities, St Michaels has a rich history of providing care since 1962. Our building too has evolved over the many years, from a residential house into a purpose specific building that is renowned for its warmth and homeliness. Beautiful cottage gardens fill our central courtyard and also wrap the home, providing tranquil places for our residents to feel the seasons on their skin, socialise, dine - and even get their hands dirty if they wish. We just love gardening!

As soon we opened the front door, the first thing we heard was the laughter of residents and staff, and the smell of food cooking filled the air
— Vivian Stephens

As you enter St Michaels it’s common to hear the space full of life, laughter and fun. Being a boutique residence offers us many advantages and allows our attentive staff to build real relationships with our residents, something we believe key to our Care philosophy.

Here at St Michaels, we are proud to call our facility a real home, complete with the scents of home cooked meals, and the regular sounds of families visiting. In line with Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care (ACEBAC), our Care philosophy encourages the integration of families and loved ones into the home, as we believe it an essential component for the wellbeing every resident.

When I first walked into St Michaels, I was immediately flooded with a sense of warmth and radiance
— Tara Patwarden


What we provide

  • 24 hour nursing care

  • Award winning weekly ballroom dancing lessons (further info)

  • Award winning Christmas Picnic (further info)

  • Film screenings

  • Dinner parties – with residents assisting in cooking of the meal

  • Art and craft sessions

  • Gardening

  • Weekly karaoke afternoons

  • Quizzes, bingo, cards and board games

  • Indoor bowling competition

  • Library and book club

  • Billiards and snooker

  • Monthly church services & weekly pastoral care visits

  • Reminiscence activities

  • Monthly in-house guest entertainers

  • Park outings

  • and more!


High-level Residential Care

St Michaels prides itself on being able to provide high level nursing and personal care, as it has always done since opening in 1962. Our unique Care policy ensures that in addition to the direct nursing and personal care staff, St Michaels has at least one Registered Nurse Division 1 on duty 24 hours every day. Our Nurse Manager, also RN Div 1, is passionate about innovative Aged Care, holds post-graduate qualifications and has featured in a Compass episode on the ABC, discussing the importance of music and dance therapy in aged care. All of our staff members have been selected because of their genuine commitment to care for the elderly, and in return St Michaels is dedicated in continuing their professional development.

Palliative and End of Life Care

Each one of our dedicated staff have been trained and are qualified in providing Palliative and End of Life Care. The final stage of someone’s life is very precious. Should the need arise, a part of the St Michaels Care philosophy ensures that when the time comes that all of our residents pass away peacefully, with dignity, and surrounded by those who love them. 

Respite / Short Stay

As a short stay resident of St Michaels, you will receive the same 24 hour High-level nursing care as those who we are lucky enough to call us their home. We believe Respite is an excellent way to dispel some common beliefs about aged care, and facilitate an easy transition into permanent care if the need arises. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Nurse Manager.