Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


1.     I am looking for a Residential Aged Care home for my mother/father/relative, where do I start?

Before you start looking for a home, you are required to have an Aged Care Assessment completed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). To find out more about this process, check out the My Aged Care website, or contact our Nurse Manager on (03) 9569 8599 who will be happy to assist you.


2.     What do I tell my relative/loved one when they require nursing home care?

Leaving home and coming into Residential Care is a daunting thought for everyone. No one wishes to leave their home and enter into a residential aged care facility. If you find it difficult to explain the need for this transition with your loved one, we suggest that you explain that their doctor or aged care assessment team, have stated that they need some “extra care which cannot be provided at home”. Most residents who have come into care here, have the realisation that they cannot manage at home by themselves, and accept that St Michaels is their new home.


3.     Do you offer short-term Respite Care?

Yes we do. St Michaels provides short-term Respite Care, usually in emergency situations. Some residents’ families utilise Respite Care to ascertain if their loved one warms to St Michaels and/or the idea of being in care. Residents can have a maximum of 52 days Respite Care in any calendar year, as long as they have been assessed by ACAT as requiring Respite Care - High Level.


4.     How do I put my parent, friend or relative’s name on the waiting list and how long will we have to wait?

At St Michaels the process starts with the prospective resident and/or their representative making an appointment time with the Nurse Manager, Brenda Wells, to conduct a pre-admission enquiry visit. During this visit the waiting list process will be fully explained to you.


5.     What happens when we move in?

Moving home is a stressful time for all of us. To make the transition as smooth as possible, we ask the families to bring in familiar items from the residents home to be placed around their new room. Items such as photos which span the resident’s life, important people, places of significance and artwork from their past. We provide all the furniture one would need here at St Michaels, but if a resident has particular items that they are attached to, such as an armchair, bedside table, lamp etc, you can discuss these items with the Nurse Manager prior to admission.


6.     Living in an Aged Care home

If you are considering moving, or have already moved, a family member or friend into a nursing home or residential aged care facility, the following information may be helpful. The Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care (ACEBAC) has searched for the best and most current information that will give some insight into how to relate to the people involved in the care program offered by the facility.

You can download this resource here.


7.     What sort of meals will my parent, relative or friend receive?

Here at St Michaels, we understand the importance of food in our resident’s lives. While all of our meals are developed to deliver nutritional value, they also provide much more. Apart from filling the home with the smell of home cooking, our talented Catering Manager and her staff offer a rotating seasonal menu that celebrates fresh available produce, while also accommodating individual tastes and special requests. These talented cooks can cater for everyone’s likes and dislikes, and for all dietary requirements.

Food also helps us celebrate special days; resident’s birthdays, Anzac Day, Melbourne Cup, Show Day, Valentine’s Day, the Grand Final and especially Christmas. Every Tuesday evening is a ‘formal’ affair at St Michaels, where residents can enjoy a meal that they themselves have helped prepare throughout the afternoon, complete with wine and white table cloths.

We have barbeques throughout the warmer months, allowing residents to dine alfresco in our lovely gardens, or on our verandas, while taking advantage of the pleasant evenings. And because we know everyone needs their own cheeky splurge, we also celebrate what we have termed as ‘Take-Away Day’ a few times a year, enabling our residents to order whatever take-away meal they wish.

Menu suggestions are welcomed and encouraged from all, and can be submitted via the Suggestion Form, or by talking with a staff member. Subject to resident care issues, alcohol can be provided where requested. A number of our residents enjoy a glass of wine with their meals, or a nightcap in the evening.


8.     What are the visiting hours and how often can we take our parent, friend or relative home?

Mornings and evenings are extremely busy at St Michaels, as it is home to 41 residents. Because of this, we ask that relatives wishing to visit do so later in the morning, in the afternoon and early evening.

There is no restriction on how often you may take a loved one home. However, due to the individual needs and requirements of every resident, we ask that friends and families organise an advance date and time with the Registered Nurse in charge. This courtesy enables us to take the individuals needs into consideration and best prepare your loved one for their outing.


Need to know more?

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